Marriage Assembler kit Planner,Remainder,Transaction Bill Man Stock Manager Account Manager

Marriage Assembler kit

MAK is a desktop application which is used by marriage assemblers.Searching for suitable brides and grooms are made easy.The search is optimized in such a fashion that matches are made in respect to caste, gender, religion , profession , zodiac sign , sub caste ,etc.Horroscope informations are saved if provided by the client. Reports can be generated from the results and can be printed. This MAK is a boon for marriage assemblers since it saves a lot of time , energy and effort and serves the purpose efficiently.


PRT is a desktop application which can be used by individuals as well as corporates. Money transactions can be tracked down easily using this application. Daily schedules are planned which enables us to cut a lot of time and saves our energy. Remainders can be set for various activities which helps us to remember our important activities. This is a simple and easy to use application for all.

Bill Man

Bill man is a utility which can be used by people who need to generate bills. This can be modified to suit user's need in various sectors. The generated bills can be printed as well as saved for future use.

Stock Manager

Stock manager allows you to add,edit and delete stocks.Reports can be generated based on day,month,year.It creates an important awareness about the availability of stocks which is the criteria for new orders and purchases.

Account Manager

Account manager allows you to have a clear picture of your current financial status. Transaction history is maintained which enables you to view them by day,month and year.The same can be generated as reports and printed.Transactions can be added or deleted by the user.